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Run the CWDaemon as Service

If you want to automatically run the cwdaemon with sidetone output through pulseaudio, the cwdaemon needs to be started as a systemd user service. This is because pulseaudio is only avaiable when you are logged in and the cwdaemon must not be started before pulseaudio is available.

  1. Add the following content as ~/.config/systemd/user/cwdaemon.service:
Description="CW Daemon"

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/cwdaemon -d ttyS1 -x p -T 700 -s 30

  1. Reload the unit file: systemctl --user daemon-reload
  2. Enable the service: systemctl --user enable cwdaemon.service
  3. Start the service: systemctl --user start cwademon.service

On the next boot, the cwdaemon will only start when you log in and stop when you log out.